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PreFab Pros LLC. will start the project with you from the very beginning to ensure that you get a design that will improve your footprint with a finished product of the highest quality. Our team has of over 15 years in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets working on or Managing over projects such as fabrication, demo, installation, certified welding work, steel erection, electrical, plumbing, estimation, and contractor procurement. Through our large network of vetted subcontractors in various trades; you can rest assured you will receive highly competitive pricing for all your project needs. We take care of all final close out and warranty all work completed. Let us handle your next project needs. Take a look through some of the services offered or you can contact us today.

Summer Remodel Turns into a disaster

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Every time a home owner starts a renovation project, they are always optimistic. This is because they start out with a plan to improve their appearance, quality, and value of their home with a vision of beauty, comfort, and style. Or at least get that new kitchen they wanted. While most people struggle through the mess of sketchy contractors and permits they hope to enjoy the the best results, the truth is that the biggest fear of many homeowners is that they will be among the unlucky group who suffer from inflated costs, low-quality workmanship or an incomplete renovation from bad contractors.

The worst-case scenario, which hopefully doesn’t happen, is that they will be forced to sue their contractors. Some are able to get all or part of their money refunded to them. But others never get repaid for their loss, much less the time and aggravation of the remodel disaster. Homeowners in Texas, never thought they would be among the unlucky group.

The contractor chosen has renovated many homes before and did an excellent job. Unfortunately, when they hired the same contractor to redo their upper floor and add a garage, the experience turned into an absolute disaster that was extremely disruptive to their lives. The remodeling project was supposed to take 8 months and instead has taken nearly two years and cost 80 percent more than the original contract price.

As experienced homeowners, some delays and hurdles during renovations, were anticipated, but as the problems piled up and did not get answered, they became concerned.

They ended up with a multiple page list of incomplete items and defective work. The contractor reassured them that everything was fine but kept asking for extra money. They were stunned to get a bill of $86,000 in overage charges, particularly when their project was not even finished.”

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When you choose your home remodeling company this year, take a look at a company that can walk you through the entire process step by step with inspection check off sheets for all items within the scope of work. This will help to make sure that all items quoted within the scope of work does not get missed or installed poorly.